Helicopters are amazing machines that continue to evolve and grow with new technologies year after year. I’ve always had a fascination with their speed and ability to fit into spaces you might not think were possible.

Recently, myself and a few friends had went for a helicopter ride through and around his property and it was absolutely amazing. It is the thrill ride of being in the air matched with the fear that at any moment something could go wrong and you’re trapped in a tiny compartment way up in the air.

The first helicopter was invented in 1939 in Connecticut. It was the first to incorporate a single man rotor and tail rotor design.

Having done my research on helicopters within battle, I am amazed at how advanced and complex these designs are. There are ranges of helicopters that hold anywhere from 2-6 people, and then there are army helicopters that can hold 100 soldiers ready for battle. They are equipped with battle gear and armour incase of fire. They have garage like doors in the rear to release soldiers when needed.

These machines are an unbelievable work of art and it is truly amazing being able to be around them. I’ve always been afraid of heights, however, my love for these machines surpasses that fear. I love the way it makes you feel like you’re on the edge and you can maneuver these machines so crisp through objects and obstacles that stand in their way. They have the power yet subtle ability to accommodate any passenger upon a thrill ride.

Space Flight – To The Moon And Back

The landing of Apollo 11 on the moon was hailed as a small step by an astronaut but a giant leap for mankind. Today after half a century we can boast of not only going to the moon and back but to the other neighboring planets. Space flight is now a reality and not only NASA but private companies like Space X are making a foray into space odyssey.

From building the international space station to landing probes on planets like Jupiter, we have done it all and like never before. NASA has ended its space shuttle program and over the past few decades it has managed to successfully achieve all its goals while maintaining very high safety standards. Unfortunately, we lost some shuttles in the process but the sacrifices did not go down the drain – we gained much more than we actually ever anticipated.

The legacy and further space explorations will now be carried on by Space X and other similar agencies that are not only poised to take humans to the moon but much beyond that. They have already prepared their first flight which would take first space travelers to the International Space Station. They are making practice runs, which is great news, considering the fact that soon the list of probable travelers is to be published.

If we are to discuss the future of private space flight then we must consider one important aspect – the space craft, pilots and companies are ready but are we ready? Well, there will certainly be millions of people across the world who would love to hitch a hike to the space odyssey they have always dreamt of. However, not all can be taken to flights beyond a certain limit.

Space flights not only take a lot of money but it takes a huge toll on the lives of human travelers. What about leaving behind family and friends and traveling to the moon where we really don’t know whether we can survive or not? Also human beings need a lot of things to survive –can everything from food to other things packed into a space craft? Don’t forget to get your house painted before you hop on a space shuttle; log on to www.premierepainterslangley.com for more details.

One of my friends suggested that human beings or mammals as such need to go through hibernation as that would help in cutting down the baggage by a huge margin. If you are not awake, you are not going to need too many things to survive! Great idea but we are not sure of its practical implications.

It seems that humans are at a crossroads and it is time that we decide where we want to really move ahead with our space explorations. It is time to invent, innovate and create a future where space travel is not just limited to a select few and instead extended to everyone else.

China is Becoming an Attraction to Pilots

The past two years have seen many foreign pilots quit their jobs and head to China for much better deals. China has become an attraction to pilots thanks to lump sums it is willing to cough out in terms of salaries.

The East Asian country is currently experiencing a shortage of pilots and it’s therefore stopping at nothing to sign qualified pilots from abroad. It is waving up hefty paychecks and also actively scouting for experienced expat pilots.

A U.S. pilot recently told Bloomberg how Chinese airlines have been hounding him. The airlines have been willing to part with unimaginable amounts to have him flying their Airbus A320s. Regional carriers such as Qingdao Airlines and Sichuan Airlines were ready to pay him well over $300,000 a year. This amount by far outweighs the estimated $200,000 a year that senior pilots get at major U.S. airlines such as Delta.

The American pilot, who is currently on a break from flying, told the newsline that he will definitely consider the Chinese market when he resumes flying. He cited the lucrative pay as the basis of his decision.

Reasons for China’s shortage of pilots

China’s quickly growing economy is the major reason for the current shortage in pilots. Many people need to fly in and out of China for business purposes and the airlines cannot deal with this at their current level of staffing.

The Chinese aviation industry has also recorded massive growth in the last decade. According to data from Civil Aviation Industry Statistics Report, the number of airlines in China have increased by 28 percent in the past five years. China now boasts of 55 airlines. The total number of fleets has also risen 2,650. With such kind of unprecedented growth, the Chinese air travel industry has no option but to turn to other countries for pilots. The numbers are too high for the local pilots to cope with.

Massive recruitments and very lucrative deals

The Chinese airlines have numerous job opportunities for pilots. Recruiters who work on behalf of the airlines have revealed how most of the airlines instruct them to recruit as many pilots as they can.

The Chinese airlines offer qualified pilots the chance to land very lucrative deals. Some startup airlines offer up to five times what well known airlines like Delta and United are offering. The new airlines know that the only way they can attract the pilots is through money as they aren’t well known.

Most of the Chinese airlines pay pilots over $20,000 per month. There are even a few cases where a pilot is paid $80,000 monthly.

Well, with such kinds of hefty paychecks, money won’t be a problem to you. You can be able to live like a king, probably even buy a palatial home and settle there with your family. And talking of a home, check this site langleypremierelandscape.com for amazing tips on landscaping.

Welcome to AirLondon

Hi there, to begin I will be talking about my favorite topic, and one of my favorite things in the world, planes.

Aeroplanes are the gift of Science as mode of air transportation. Science has made travelling a pleasure particularly air travel. Through planes, Science has spanned the sky, measured the oceans and wrested from nature many of her hidden treasure. It has annihilated time and distance and made the contact with world easier and quicker. Early man used to go from one place to another on foot and then gradually he used animals as beasts of burden. Thus, road transport progressed and then railways and water transport was invented. However, human being was not satisfied with all this. He invented aeroplanes. With air travel, the whole world is well-connected by a network of different airways.

Planes are found to be most comfortable. There are no hindrances and traffic jams as is mostly there in road transport or problems associated with railways. In India, Tata Sons and National Airways began air operations in 1932 with light and single engined aircraft for the purposes of mail transportation. It was only after World War II that full-fledged advanced type of aircraft started operating in India. They connected all important destinations. Then, in 1953, civil air transport was nationalized in India due to financial constraints being faced by the sector. Since then, tremendous progress has been made. Today, there are various domestic and international airlines carrying passengers to different parts in India and to the various parts of the world.

Though plane travel is considered as one of the best contributions of Science yet it has got various limitations. Firstly, it is very costly and only the rich people can avail the facility of air transportation. A common man can travel in the train only. Secondly, air travel can be risky and dangerous. This is because if there is any mishap or accident, there is no chance of survival. Accidents prove to be very fatal and loss of life and property in a huge manner. Also the air travel becomes dangerous whenever the weather condition are adverse.

There has been a constant desire of a man to develop more advanced and sophisticated aeroplanes. He has not been deterred by the hazards of accidents in traveling by aeroplanes. Man has seen the importance of aeroplanes in war times. Today, the United States of America has the most sophisticated fighter planes which can destroy enemy camps within seconds and at any time of the day or night. Today wars are won with the strength of air power.

This wonderful invention of Science in recent years has progressed by leaps and bounds. The emphasis is on more speed, safety, passenger – comfort and convenience. There is more and more competition among various airlines to offer the most competitive rates and most convenient timings. The future of air-travel is bound to get brighter in the times ahead. The efforts are being made to make the air transportation more safe and economical through new researches.