Space Flight – To The Moon And Back

The landing of Apollo 11 on the moon was hailed as a small step by an astronaut but a giant leap for mankind. Today after half a century we can boast of not only going to the moon and back but to the other neighboring planets. Space flight is now a reality and not only NASA but private companies like Space X are making a foray into space odyssey.

From building the international space station to landing probes on planets like Jupiter, we have done it all and like never before. NASA has ended its space shuttle program and over the past few decades it has managed to successfully achieve all its goals while maintaining very high safety standards. Unfortunately, we lost some shuttles in the process but the sacrifices did not go down the drain – we gained much more than we actually ever anticipated.

The legacy and further space explorations will now be carried on by Space X and other similar agencies that are not only poised to take humans to the moon but much beyond that. They have already prepared their first flight which would take first space travelers to the International Space Station. They are making practice runs, which is great news, considering the fact that soon the list of probable travelers is to be published.

If we are to discuss the future of private space flight then we must consider one important aspect – the space craft, pilots and companies are ready but are we ready? Well, there will certainly be millions of people across the world who would love to hitch a hike to the space odyssey they have always dreamt of. However, not all can be taken to flights beyond a certain limit.

Space flights not only take a lot of money but it takes a huge toll on the lives of human travelers. What about leaving behind family and friends and traveling to the moon where we really don’t know whether we can survive or not? Also human beings need a lot of things to survive –can everything from food to other things packed into a space craft? Don’t forget to get your house painted before you hop on a space shuttle; log on to for more details.

One of my friends suggested that human beings or mammals as such need to go through hibernation as that would help in cutting down the baggage by a huge margin. If you are not awake, you are not going to need too many things to survive! Great idea but we are not sure of its practical implications.

It seems that humans are at a crossroads and it is time that we decide where we want to really move ahead with our space explorations. It is time to invent, innovate and create a future where space travel is not just limited to a select few and instead extended to everyone else.