Helicopters are amazing machines that continue to evolve and grow with new technologies year after year. I’ve always had a fascination with their speed and ability to fit into spaces you might not think were possible.

Recently, myself and a few friends had went for a helicopter ride through and around his property and it was absolutely amazing. It is the thrill ride of being in the air matched with the fear that at any moment something could go wrong and you’re trapped in a tiny compartment way up in the air.

The first helicopter was invented in 1939 in Connecticut. It was the first to incorporate a single man rotor and tail rotor design.

Having done my research on helicopters within battle, I am amazed at how advanced and complex these designs are. There are ranges of helicopters that hold anywhere from 2-6 people, and then there are army helicopters that can hold 100 soldiers ready for battle. They are equipped with battle gear and armour incase of fire. They have garage like doors in the rear to release soldiers when needed.

These machines are an unbelievable work of art and it is truly amazing being able to be around them. I’ve always been afraid of heights, however, my love for these machines surpasses that fear. I love the way it makes you feel like you’re on the edge and you can maneuver these machines so crisp through objects and obstacles that stand in their way. They have the power yet subtle ability to accommodate any passenger upon a thrill ride.